Make sure your student child’s valuables are adequately insured

Make sure your student child’s valuables are adequately insured By: Marius Neethling, Santam’s manager of personal lines underwriting Your student child will soon be heading back to or starting at their various campuses and like many University and College students, they are walking around with thousands of rands’ worth of property on them.  While Universities and […]

Tips for school children by ADT

Tips for school children by ADT With schools opening and many children already at orientation sessions, it is a time of excitement and anxiety for kids and more likely parents. Now is the perfect time to revisit some back to school safety and security advice for the year ahead. For parents of older children these […]

Insurance and risk in an age of Social Media

By: Christelle Colman, insurance expert at Old Mutual With over 16 million Facebook users* alone in South Africa, social interaction increasingly involves the conscious – and also unconscious – exchange of personal information online. Apart from the obvious security risks, “social media users often don’t realise that insurers also view social media platforms and posts […]

Safety tips for when you are driving

Here are some precautions for all motorists, but particularly women travelling alone, to keep in mind. These can help you to stay safe and avoid becoming a crime statistic. Vehicle maintenance Ensure that the vehicle you are travelling in is roadworthy. You do not want your vehicle to break down, especially in a deserted area […]

Protecting your Identity this Holiday Season

By: SAIA The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) encourages consumers to consider taking extra care in protecting their identity this festive season. Criminal activity tends to increase considerably over the holiday season. It is also often a time for criminals to take advantage of consumers through several cybercriminal activities, including identity theft. Online shopping offers […]

Insuring your home at market value could cost you

South African residential property prices are experiencing continued downward pressure while the average cost of building new property continues to increase year on year with rising costs of materials and labour. The 2018/ 2019 Lightstone Property Forecast showed that the market ended close to 2.9% as opposed to the forecasted 3.8% in 2018. The current […]

Dropping insurance cover is a bad business strategy

Cutting back on business insurance when times are tough can really be tempting. After all, every cent counts, especially when sales are down or clients are taking longer than usual to settle their bills. That temptation could be short-sighted and end up costing you, as the business owner, far more than what you have saved […]

Cell phone insurance: A necessity or expensive luxury?

There is nothing that quite describes the feeling of dismay you feel when you see your cell phone flying gracefully through the air towards the pavement, or when it hurtles towards the water. Your stomach lurches as you ‘take a hit’ that is going to cost you money and cause a lot of inconvenience. The […]


The ever-present warning signs of remote-jamming at shopping malls, petrol stations and roadside stalls is a constant reminder of the very real threat of crime in South Africa. Perpetrators of car break-ins are rarely caught, making it one of the most common crimes in the country.  “If you haven’t been a victim of remote jamming, […]

New AARTO bill and the potential impact on your insurance premium

In a recent turn of events, President Cyril Ramaphosa has signedthe Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Bill into law. The bill proposes introduction of a demerit system for South African drivers, and it is expected to fundamentally change driving in the country. The AARTO Bill will result in the setting up of a demerit system for […]