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How to determine a building’s insurance value

In estimating the replacement cost of a building, many will refer to a construction guide such as the Property & Construction Handbook published by AECOM. For example, the 2018 handbook recommends the following building rates per square metre for private dwellings (excl. VAT): – Economic: R5 000 – R6 300 […]

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Provided by Wilna Meiring, IRMSA Risk Intelligence Committee Member From online transactions and banking to shopping and gaming, cyber attackers are methodically finding new ways of using your devices against you, making each one of us increasingly vulnerable. In order to have a positive and safe experience in the digital […]

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Burst geysers never keep office hours

As the law of Murphy would have it, most people get to experience the inconvenience of a burst geyser or water pipe in the early hours of the morning, on a public holiday or over a long weekend, and usually when the temperature has taken a sub-zero plummet. “Winter – […]

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