Monthly Archives: Sep 2018

Privacy Policy

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act applicable to South African Companies and other related International Laws requires us to inform you how we use and disclose personal information we obtain from you. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will ensure that your personal information is used appropriately, transparently and […]

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New legislation around water heating systems (Geysers)

Nobody wants to land in hot water!  The best way to avoid trouble, is to always stay on top of new developments like this: the government has passed legislation regulating the manufacturing of hot water systems (geysers). Going forward, all manufacturers have been requested to produce and supply an energy […]

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Can social media validate a claim?

Social media sites have taken over our lives. Social media has the power to unify voices, publicize important issues and inspire the world but at the same time, it comes with disciplinary, legal and reputational consequences. Emma Sadleir, Social Media Law Expert, once said digital content is dangerous content. “Even […]

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