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Managing Insurance Costs for Young Drivers

posted 26 Jun 2017, 10:04 by Melvin Hoods It’s every young person’s dream and every parent’s nightmare – when our sons and daughters get the keys to their very first set of wheels and can officially drive themselves to where they need to go. Besides the nostalgia surrounding your child’s […]

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Insurance considerations when renovating your home

Renovating a home is a big investment, both financially and emotionally. While renovations can be an exciting process it is important that homeowners do not forget about the potential insurance aspect of home renovations, and speak to their broker prior to any construction work to ensure that their policy will […]

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Incidents involving drones can be minor, slightly humorous, or have extremely dire consequences. From a kiss-cam drone cutting off a piece of a person’s nose or a drone spying through the president’s bedroom window, to extreme cases such as an engineering drone flying into a crane operator who knocks down […]

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The dangers of distracted driving

What can happen in a second? A bullet can travel 900m, a snail can move 1cm in the rain, lightning strikes six times, a bee beats its wings 270 times, and 2 393 470 emails are sent per second. If all that can happen in a second, what can happen […]

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